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  • October 31, 2017   Halloween Readings

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    Halloween Readings - 2017

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    On Tuesday - October 31st, 2017 - Hour 25 joined you for one of our favorite holidays - Halloween - a time for celebrating the weird and mysterious, a time for having some fun with the ghosts, goblins and other creatures of the night that scare the bejeebies out of us on any other night.

    And so Hour 25 continues its long running tradition of reading you some spooky stories for Halloween. We've got tales of ghosts and cursed artifacts and who knows what else.

    So put some decorations on your Halloween tree, grab some treats and turn down the lights 'cause you're on a journey to the worlds of your imagination with The Hour That Stretches.


    The Bead Necklace by Alice Perrin

    Listen to this story

    Our first story for tonight is The Bead Necklace by Alice Perrin. It is a tale of supernatural revenge and the triumph of love over social-climbing ambition. In this story a woman wants to wait for the love of her life to return to her but her father is trying to force her to marry a rich but unkind man. This being Halloween the answer to her problem comes with a supernatural dose of revenge.

    Alice Perrin is an author who is largely unknown today but back in the day she was a popular author who wrote many stories about English colonial life in India. She was born in India in 1867 but returned to England for her education though she returned to India after she married and lived there for 16 years. Her first novel Into Temptation appeared in 1894 and was followed by her first short story collection East of Suez in 1901. She continued publishing a book every two or three years until her last book Other Sheep came out in 1932. She died two years later in Switzerland. Although most of her stories were not of a supernatural bent her story tonight shows that she certainly knew how to tell a good ghost story.

    the past
    "We saw a ship - just a small trading vessel but it might mean our rescue".

    bat borderbat border

    Ghosts That Have Haunted Me - A Few Spirit Reminiscences
    by John Kendrick Bangs

    Listen to this story

    Our second story for the night is Ghosts That Have Haunted Me - A Few Spirit Reminiscences by John Kendrick Bangs. In this story our narrator recounts some of his encounters with ghostly visitors - some unwelcome and some cheerfully welcome. We'll find out why ghosts have such an affection for the protagonist of Bangs' tales and discover a most imaginative way to stay cool during a record-breaking summer heat wave.

    Long before 'urban fantasy' was a sub-genre of fantastic fiction John Kendrick Bangs was dropping ghosts and ghoulies into contemporary situations and having them - and the humans they haunt - face everyday problems. {You'll remember a previous story of his involving troubles that arise when a union of spooks goes on strike. We read that story during Christmas 2015 and you can find it in our audio archives.} And though his stories were written in the late 19th and early 20th century, his wry humor and insight into human nature makes them feel as if they were written today.

    he fled through the wainscotting
    "The ghost fled madly through the wainscoting of the room."

    Trick or Treaters on parade.

    the magic halloween

    halloween party

    From all of us here at Hour 25, we wish you a very Happy Halloween. May your night be filled with treats and the company of friends.

    The Hour 25 Broadcast

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    • Click here for Suzanne's reading of The Bead Necklace by Alice Perrin. {28:22}

    • Click here for Warren's reading of Ghosts That Have Haunted Me - A Few Spirit Reminiscences by John Kendrick Bangs. {32:35}

    • Click here for the show's closing. {1:59}

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